Caym   TZADIK 2011 **

In 2004, John Zorn wrote over 300 new tunes for his popular Masada project, and he now initiates a new series of recordings featuring the best players out of the burgeoning Masada family in dynamic units performing compositions from Masada Book Two - The Book of Angels. This album, Caym, is the latest installment of that series.

Banquet of the Spirits is the tight touring band of Cyro Baptista, one of the world's most creative percussionists and one of Zorn's oldest friends and closest collaborators. The veteran of dozens of Zorn film scores, game pieces, bands, tours and compositions. Produced and arranged by the upcoming young bassist Shanir Ezra Blumenkranz, who approaches the music with profound understanding, a wild imagination and indefatigable creativity, it features a dynamic band of young lions, truly the very best of the new generation. Each track tounching upon a different world tradition, this dynamic CD brings Zorn's lyrical compositions to life like never before.

**Album will ship January 25th

Check out more about the band: www.myspace.com/banquetofthespirits

Check out more about the band:  www.myspace.com/banquetofthespirits

Track Listing:

  1. Chamiel
  2. Matafiel
  3. Briel
  4. Zaphaniah
  5. Tzar Tak
  6. Flaef
  7. Hutriel
  8. Yeqon
  9. Yahel
  10. Tahariel
  11. Natiel
  12. Phaleg

Price: $15.00 (+s&h)*

::: 2009 RELEASE :::
Infinito   TZADIK 2009

"We are spiritual beings having a human experience. We came from the INFINITO to give our shout for peace"

One of the greatest Brazilian percussionists working today, Cyro Baptista has worked closely with Herbie Hancock, Paul Simon, Trey Anastasio, Sting, Wynton Marsalis, Yo Yo Ma, Laurie Anderson and countless others. His newest band, Banquet of the Spirits is augmented here by an array of his most distinguished musical associates in a delightful program of experimental Brazilian pop songs. Another wonderful CD from the driving force of Beat The Donkey, Vira Loucos and so much more.

INFINITO is the highly anticipated follow up to the critically acclaimed self titled debut album by Cyro's newest project - BANQUET OF THE SPIRITS. For this project, Cyro handpicked three of the fastest rising stars in the "downtown music" scene. Brian Marsella on keyboards and melodica (Beat The Donkey & Matisyahu), Shanir Blumenkanz on bass and oud (Pharaoh's Daughter) and Tim Keiper on drumset (Beat The Donkey & Vieux Farka Touré) make up the core band.

Special guests include:

  • Kevin Breit (Casandra Wilson, Norah Jones, Supergenerous)
  • Erik Friedlander (John Zorn, Laurie Anderson, Courtney Love)
  • Romero Lubambo (Gal Costa, Dianne Reeves, Trio da Paz)
  • Ikue Mori (Fred Frith, John Zorn)
  • Anat Cohen (Choro Ensemble)
  • Zé Mauricio (Beat The Donkey)
  • Chikako Iwahori (Beat The Donkey)
  • Scott Kettner (Nation Beat)
  • Peter Scherer (Laurie Anderson, Bill Frisell, Caetano Veloso)
  • Pedro Ramos (Choro Ensemble)
  • Maracatu New York

Track Listing:

  1. Infinito coming
  2. Batida de Côco
  3. In Vitrous
  4. Kwanza
  5. Noia
  6. Adeus às Filhas
  7. Coronation of a Slave
  8. Cantor Cuidadoso
  9. Pro Flávio
  10. Blindman
  11. Infinito going

Check out more about the band:  www.myspace.com/banquetofthespirits

Price: $15.00 (+s&h)*

::: 2008 RELEASE :::
Banquet of the Spirits   TZADIK 2008


Cyro Baptista (percussion, vocals)
Brian Marsella (piano, keyboards, balafon)
Tim Keiper (drums, percussion)
Shanir Blumenkranz (acoustic/electric bass, oud, gimbre)

Banquet of the Spirits features the tight new quartet led by maestro Cyro Baptista— the fabulous percussionist who has performed with everyone from Herbie Hancock and Yo-Yo Ma to Laurie Anderson, Paul Simon and Medeski, Martin and Wood. Cyro’s endless sonic curiosity and intense rhythmic drive has never been stronger in these fabulous and imaginative original songs. Featuring three of the best young musicians out of the downtown scene and some very special guests, the music jumps from a whisper to a scream and never misses a beat. Delightful music from one of the world’s greatest and most adventurous Brazilian musicians.

The quartet embodies the philosophy of Anthropofagia, a Brazilian cultural movement from the 1920's. The band, is a musical manifestation of the process of eating, swallowing, and digesting all the tendencies that are part of the sonic landscape and our environment. The music is the product of all sounds that they have collectively consumed over the years; some of them they've digested and others they have rejected. After that, it has been difficult to identify what belongs to what country, culture, or religion.

Track Listing:

  1. Tutubole
  2. Bird Boy
  3. Macunaima
  4. Mumakata
  5. Nana & Tom
  6. Tupinambås
  7. Argan
  8. Typing with Oswald de Andrade
  9. Lamento Maurisco
  10. Malinye
  11. Anthropofagia

Audio clips and more at  http://www.myspace.com/banquetofthespirits

Price: $15.00 (+s&h)

::: 2008 RELEASE :::
São Paulo Slim  OMM MUSIC 2008

Kevin Breit (Guitar)
Cyro Baptista (Percussion)

with Ian de Souza (Bass)

Featuring: Cassandra Wilson and Sue Patrick Breit

Supergenerous is both eclectic and natural, sublime and extreme. It is the brilliant collision of Canadian multi-instrumentalist Kevin Breit with Brazilian multi-rhythmic Cyro Baptista, and what it sounds like when the jungle meets the street. Separate, these two musicians are utterly amazing. Breit paints textures and colors with his guitar and assorted stringed things without relying too much on technology. There is some dressing and looping, but it’s typically from his fingers to your ears, that’s about it. Breit’s tone is picturesque, but not literal --- Baptista’s is. Baptista is a mad scientist who incorporates sounds of nature looped into his drum laden physical display. He is positively riveting. Both are constantly in demand by artists like Paul Simon, Norah Jones, Cassandra Wilson, k.d. lang, Herbie Hancock, Laurie Anderson, and bands who don’t want to fill in the cracks, but rather make them bigger and more akin to the humanity that eagerly laps it up.

Audio clips and more at  http://www.myspace.com/supergenerous

Price: $15.00 (+s&h)

::: 2006 RELEASE :::
Brasileirinho   Vanguard Classics 2006


Paula Robison (flute)
Romero Lubambo (guitar)
Cyro Baptista (percussion)
Sergio Brandão (bass)
Tiberio Nascimento (guitar)
Stanley Silverman (guitar)

"Choros, Chorinos, Bossas & Bach"

This recording is a unique fusion of styles. It combines the artistry of the celebrated classical flutist Paula Robison with a great ensemble of Brazilian musicians. Together they explore the rich world of Brazilian popular music, from choros and chorinhos to bossa novas, and offer interpretations of music from J.S. Bach and Vivaldi, suffused with the warmth of Brasil.

Choro (literally "cry" in Portuguese, but in context a more appropriate translation would be "lament"), traditionally called chorinho ("little cry" or "little lament"), is a Brazilian popular music style style. Older than Bossa Nova or Samba, its origins are in 19th century Rio de Janeiro when Brazilian musicians blended European styles of music with the rhythms of Africa to create this new sound called Chorinho.

The Choro repertoire is rich in melody, harmony and rhythm, and delightfully manages to be both earthly and elegant at the same time!

Price: $15.00 (+s&h)

::: 2006 RELEASE :::
Derek   Amulet 2006


Derek Bailey (guitar)
Cyro Baptista (percussion, voice)

Derek Bailey is one of the foremost musicians in the avant-garde community, perhaps the most iconic figure that free improvisation has ever produced. A fiercely independent artist and a fixture on the European and international scene, he’s been a central part of the development of free music in the post-Coltrane years. Derek has influenced many musicians throughout his career that spans over 5 decades. He has released hundreds of recordings, many of them on his own independent Incus label and some of his most recent works on John Zorn’s Tzadik. Many artists have collaborated with Derek including Fred Frith, Anthony Braxton, John Zorn, Cecil Taylor, Lee Konitz, Pat Metheny, Suzie Ibarra, Bill Lazwell, Tony Williams, Han Bennik, and The Ruins…

21 years ago, Derek Bailey asked Cyro Baptista to record an improvised duet session. It was soon after released under the title of CYRO - one of Derek's first CDs on his own independent Incus record label. On April 11, 2003 - Derek and Cyro had a reunion concert at NYC’s Downtown club Tonic to celebrate their creative-musical partnership. Derek gave Cyro his blessing to release this special edition CD on Amulet Records several months before his untimely death last year.

Our improv-guitar hero, Derek Bailey lives on through this intimate musical celebration with pastime collaborator, percussionist/vocal master Cyro Baptista. Snaking through unknown musical landscapes, discovering paths and creating new dialect along the way, these two masters have a connection unparalleled in the avant-garde world and they celebrated it for the last time at NYC’s legendary performance space Tonic.


  • Sheffield F.C. (27:41)
  • Ubachuva (16:50)

Price: $15.00 (+s&h)

Supergenerous   Blue Note 2000

Released by BLUE NOTE records, produced by Craig Street, featuring:

CYRO BAPTISTA (things) & KEVIN BREIT (strings)
With special guest : Cassandra Wilson

Kevin Breit and Cyro Baptista were responsible for a lot of the sound and feel of Cassandra Wilson’s breakthrough recordings for Blue Note, Blue Light ‘Til Dawn and New Moon Daughter. Blue Note signed them to record a CD where they would improvise and find their mutual language. The result is a meeting of two like-minded souls, from two opposite hemispheres, who reinvent North America's country, jazz, folk and funk in their own wild and adventurous image. Their roots are in Cyro’s São Paulo, Brazil and Kevin’s small town Canada, but their style is too global to be local and too intimate to be strictly urban. This music isn't world, pop, or rock, or folk, or jazz. It's just music: fun, creative and absolutely fascinating!

Kevin Breit (pronounced: bright) is last years’ winner of the “Toronto Musician Of The Year” award. Kevin’s tremendous ability on all things stringed, combined with his knowledge of harmony, give him a unique compositional voice. Kevin was one of Norah Jones' "Handsome Band" member and his song "Humble Me" is featured on her newest album “Feels Like Home”. Among the varied artists that seek his innovative guitar style are Bill Frisell, k.d. lang and Holly Cole. With the Sisters Euclid, one of his projects, he has recorded six CDs, and maintains a weekly residency at the Orbit Room, one of Toronto Canada’s most prestigious jazz clubs. Kevin plays acoustic guitar, tenor guitars, electric slide guitar, hashville steel guitar, guitorgan, mandolin, mandolo, mandicello.

Cyro and Kevin worked from the concept that they would make music for a film that didn't exist. Not that it would be a soundtrack, but the music would dictate a scene. The listener creates their own individual movie while listening to the music.

Download MP3 song clips from Supergenerous:

Price: $15.00 (+s&h)

Love the Donkey   Tzadik, 2005

CYRO & BTD brought to this recordings the same energy that they bring to the live show. If you have not experienced the show yet, you'll have a chance to see the video clips included in the CD. That way it is easy for you to show your friends and family what Beat the Donkey is all about without describing it with your hands! The CD was totally self-produced, and it will be only available through our website and at our performances.

"This is wild, untamed, and wondrously joyous music. It has no seams, it is truly international, and it is ultimately visionary. This is street music, for any street anywhere. It may initially come from Brazil, but it is available to anyone who wishes to encounter it and take it in. For intense listening or for raucous partying, Beat The Donkey Beat is a masterpiece. The disc also includes a three-minute video, playable on your computer, that offers a view of this wild band live." -- Thom Jurek, All Music Guide

Download MP3 song clips from Love The Donkey:

Price: $15.00 (+s&h)

Beat the Donkey   TZADIK, 2002

BEAT THE DONKEY is the CD based in the works of Cyro's percussion ensemble
Beat The Donkey.

Baptista uses Brazilian rhythms and instruments as a foundation from which to explore contemporary and experimental sounds. With BTD he combines theater, dance and the martial arts with dynamic percussion music from around the world and soulful vocals to create a wild and hilarious party for the ears.

The self-titled CD was conceived and produced in this spirit of celebration and released by downtown New Yorker John Zorn. Featured guests include Marc Ribot (guitar), John Zorn (sax), Erik Friedlander (cello), Kevin Breit (guitar), Romero Lubambo (guitar), Luciana Souza (vocals), Peter Scherer (keyboards), Toninho Ferragutti (accordion), Jamie Saft (keyboards) and Tamango (percussion)

The CD has also been enhanced to provide digital video footage from Beat The Donkey's award winning television show on WGBH/TV Boston.

The CD has been picked by several music critics, including the New York Times, as one of the 10 best alternative CDs of 2003.

Download MP3 song clips from Beat The Donkey:


Price: $15.00 (+s&h)

Villa-Lobos/Vira-Loucos   AVANT, 1997

This is Cyro's 1997 solo debut album. It is a collection of Cyro's own interpretations and deconstructions of a number of themes by the early twentieth-century classical Brazilian composer, Heitor Villa-Lobos. This album is a true testament Cyro's mastery of music, as it will take the listener on a musical journey that is dynamic, virtuosi, grooving, and absolutely unique in sound and vision.

Villa-Lobos drew on folk melodies, so did Cyro as he meshes these folk sources, his own whims and the collaboration of Brazilian musicians and New York improvisers , including Marc Ribot on guitar and the saxophonist John Zorn, who produced the album. The results are a homage and a romp, meticulously arranged and ready for anything.

This is an album that any true lover of quality music will cherish forthe rest of their music-listening days!

Personnel :

  • CYRO BAPTISTA percussion, vocals
  • GREG COHEN bass
  • JOHN ZORN saxophone
  • MARC RIBOT banjo, acoustic guitar, electric guitar
  • ROMERO LUBAMBO acoustic guitar, cavaquinho
  • CHANGO SPASIUK accordion

Price: $15.00 (+s&h)

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