Cyro has created unique instruments and combinations of instruments for Beat the Donkey's orchestrations. The instruments and the combinations used truly exhibit the influence of music from cultures throughout the world. Cyro has combined unique sounds that span the globe from Bali to Brazil to the Lower East Side of New York City, and range from the standard to the truly unorthodox and unexpected..

Instruments that Beat The Donkey plays include: Surdo, pandeiro, ceramic drum, hadgini, bottles, cow bells/sputnik, repinique, tamborim machine, Balinese gongs, rayong, metaliphones, cuica, caxixi, refrigerator, frog bells, triangles, piramid, woodbloks, newspapers, tamborim, vacuum cleaner hose, Coca-Cola gong, tap.

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Visit the La Plaza web site and check out their interactive page on Cyro's many percussion instruments.


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