Are you interested in making an impact by letting others know about the excellent music that Cyro Baptista and Beat the Donkey perform? If so, that is why we have created the Grassroots Promotion Program!

One catch with promoting Beat the Donkey shows is that a large section of our fans or potential fans don't read the entertainment section of their local "mainstream" newspaper because it doesn't usually cover the music in which they're interested. They get their music news from more off-beat sources.

That's why we have people like you to help us spread the word – via a ‘grassroots network’. The best way to promote shows is to get to know people across the country and barter for their services handing out flyers at other like-minded concerts and placing posters in local music shops and other places where people who like this type of music would go. When the band is performing in your area, we will get in touch about 4-6 weeks before the performance to ask for your assistance distributing flyers and other materials to the appropriate places in town.

In every area, there are usually local radio programs which feature World and/or jazz or instrumental music. We need to know about them so we can send them Cyro and Beat the Donkey music! Depending on where you live and the tour schedule, flyers and other materials will become available by having them shipped to you or coordinating a pickup of flyers at the venue. We could use your help in distributing handbills at local shows and hang posters at cool shops, coffeehouses, bulletin boards & kiosks, etc. where crowds that you think would like this music would see the flyer or handbill.

Each time someone sees the flyer or handbill, that’s what we call ‘impressions’. We are looking to get as many impressions with the proper show promotional material before the band actually comes through town. That is where YOU come in. We can return the favor for all your hard work through a free ticket to the show you help to promote, along with the likelihood of receiving free merchandise in the package containing the flyers.

For more information on the program and what is involved, or if you have any questions, please send us an EMAIL.


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