Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Beat The Donkey - #1 Act at SINES Festival in Portugal!!

Beat the Donkey Played the SINES Festival in Portugal last weekend and by all accounts were the highlight of the festival. The band was brought out for 2 encores and if the audience had their way, BTD would have played all night!!

BTD guitarist Clay Ross put the experience into words:

I just played in one of the most unforgettable concerts of my life, with some of the most incredible musicians I know, in one of the most beautiful places I've ever been, for one of the most open and enthusiastic audiences I've ever seen. It wasn't perfect and it wasn't all planned, but it was glorious, cathartic, and couldn't have been more real.

These tough times have affected a lot of people. For a big group like ours, this has meant less opportunities to perform together. Luckily, our one show of the summer was completely revitalizing. It was wonderful to be reminded that there is simply nothing in this world like "Beat the Donkey;" Cyro is crazy in the most beautiful way, and together we can lift 5,000+ people into a sonic whirlwind of heavy metal - noise - funk - forro - freak out!

We developed the "hillbilly" cue for some chicken pickin'; Nicolas brought the house down on a bass heavy tap box; Ze took the metal growl to a new level (sources report that the sound-man of a scandinavian thrash band literally cried); Gilo made King Crimson his bitch; Brian was grooving so hard he levitated over the keys (he also played the entire show with a chicken on his head); Cyro had the world on the string of his Berimbau and lead us from heaven to hell, and back again.
To end our first encore we lead the audience to repeat a simple melody and walked off stage. They keep this melody alive for over 20 minutes. They demanded that we return for one last song.

Thank you Sines for making it certain that we have much more music to make! We will see you again soon.

Love the Donkey,
Clay Ross

Read a rave review of the show here:
In the Original Portuguese

Translated into English



Blogger Ricardo said...

Hi there Cyro and BTD crew,

I am a follower of FMM since I discover it 4 years ago.
I always take one week hollydays to be in a Festival that toghether with the village, the beach, the people and the discover of new bands, makes it one not to miss ever week.

I do this post to thank you, very very much for the great great show you gaved us. Amazing, wonderfull and all the words that can put you on a even higher stage.

Even with other really good performances, no doubt that you where the kings of the kings in this festival.

I will say more, for me, your show was the best ever that I have seen in the past years of FMM.

Once again, thank you very much for the great night of dance and hapiness.

I hope to be lucky enought to see you again on stage in Portugal.

Everything good for you and keep up the good work.


7:02 AM  
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