Wednesday, July 16, 2008

BTD Rocks Quebec City!!

A room with a view!!


Ma Tres Chere Paris,

Please do not take this the wrong way. For I will always love you and your Champs-Elysees, your Grand Marnier, and your Ratatouille. It's just that I can no longer tolerate your smug condescension and arrogant disposition. You have been too rude for too long and I cannot go on living this way. You see, Mon Cheri, I am in love with another, and her name is Quebec!

Adieu Mon Amour,


P.S. I think that everyone in BTD feels about the same, maybe without all the drama. Seriously, our experience in Quebec was near the highest level of BTD being. Great shows, amazing stage, incredible crew, enthusiastic audiences, and near impenetrable border patrol. I can't believe that Canada has my report card from the 7th grade. You we're right mom, there really is such a thing as a permanent record. Stay in school kids!

"Baptista the Hurricane"

Special guest Nicholas Young on Tap Dance


Anonymous Chris said...

Just to say Paris is not France.. so come back in province

4:12 AM  
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