Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Cyro and the Band are On The Road in IOWA!!

Cyro and BTD have been rocking every corner of IOWA for the past 2 weeks (and will continue to do so)!!

This tour, organized by The University of Iowa's Hancher Auditorium, takes the band to 4 different towns in America's Heartland. This month of shows and residancies throughout Iowa, dubbed as "THE SPOT TOUR", culminate in a performance at Iowa City's magnificent Hancher Auditorium!!

The first leg of the tour has been a tremendous success and rave reviews have been coming from each stop.

We though we'd share some of those comments and photos with you all!!

Judy Hurtig, Artistic Director of the Hancher Auditorium said:
Today was fabulous. The activities at the high school were very good, but the two at one of the elementary schools were amazing! Beautifully conceived and executed. No need for any words because the music made all the points necessary. The Kids loved it -- and so did the teachers.

Ron Art/Design Director of the Hancher Auditorium said:
All the residencies and performances have been exciting for us and I can't stop telling people about their incredible inventiveness and music making. The kids immediately jumped into participating. It was one of the best school residencies we have seen. What an incredible group. We love 'em!

Please check out the SPOT blog for more information, photos and comments as the tour continues!!!


Anonymous tommy said...

Are you guys still playing in Spencer, IA? My friends and I want to make the drive out from Omaha but we don't know the location, time, or cost...can ya help us out?

9:33 AM  

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