Saturday, June 09, 2007

"Jazz Around the World" - Summer School

Cyro will be teaching at the "Jazz Around the World" Summer School this summer.

The program includes nine days of full immersion into the exciting city of Rotterdam: education, playing, concerts, and the largest Jazz festival in’s all part of the package!

For more information on the program - please visit their website
July 7 through 15
Summer School: "Jazz Around The World"
Rotterdam, HOLLAND
in collaboration with the North Sea Jazz Festival


Blogger Serghio said...

HEY CYRO how are you its Serghio Jansen ,i was the Guitarplayer (from Aruba) in Carlos Werneck's brazilian band in the jazz around the world 2007 workshop in Rotterdam .Wanted to say hi and stay in touch ,congrats on being percussionist of the year 2007 ,Drink some DUVAL beer haha . Chek out my myspace when you have the time
I am living in boston attending Berklee college of music, so when you have a concert or something in New York i would love to know so i can come see you play and catch up and hang out with you . I joined your mailinglist already ,great to finally find you online ciaociao .

12:17 AM  

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