Thursday, April 05, 2007

Cyro, "In His Own Words"

6 months back, Cyro sat down with David Schulman, the creator and producer of "Musicians in Their Own Words".

The “Musicians in their own words” project seeks to provide public radio listeners with engaging and informative programming on music and musicians. In choosing performers to feature, the project is guided by musicians’ artistic merit and integrity and by their expressiveness both as performers and as interview subjects. Editorial choices about which performers to include are made with the aim of presenting artists from a diversity of musical and cultural traditions, whose music and stories will engage, enlighten, and appeal to a range of public radio listeners. “Musicians in their own words” is an independent arts journalism undertaking, and care is taken in the production process to portray each feature subject fairly, and in a way that is true to the music and true to the stories the musicians have to tell.

Cyro's interview has been played on various NPR stations across the country in a show entitled "Keepers of the Groove".

"Master percussionist, Cyro Baptista, finds connections between the rhythmic languages of Brazil, Northern India, and New York City — and we listen in as he improvises music from a collection of plastic buckets, vacuum-cleaner hoses, and duck calls"
- Musicians in Their Own Words website

You can listen to the interview streaming on the internet or check your local NPR listings for showtimes near you!!
Streaming Audio

You can also hear Cyro on the program's homepage!!
In Their Own Words Homepage


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