Tuesday, December 19, 2006

I love this country...US and A

Between Borat, Chapelle's Show, The Daily Show, Spinal Tap, and Chris Rock's "Bigger Blacker," there was more than enough comedy fodder for the Donkeys on this last tour. Nothing eases the brunt of a 12 hour drive like an in-depth reenactment of the "Wayne Brady's a Pimp" skit. Still, an even funnier scene is the Nude Wrestling Match between Borat and his producer, Aramat. Although no Donkey is interested in an actual dramatization, the mere thought is enough to induce laughing pains. Ok, call it an official endorsement, whatever you want, just run to the theater and see it today.

Not only laughing, we were also making some serious music. It was a real honor to debut a new original tune of mine with the band. We also included a super-technical break from a King Crimson tune. I was very inspired by the way everyone got on board to work up the new material. I love that the band continues to evolve and grow. I think it's a good sign for things to come.

Another unique highlight was the opportunity to include a local group of young musicians in our show at Alverno College. We worked with the students of Roosevelt Middle School for two days, teaching them rhythms and vocal parts for a BTD original tune.

I had a great feeling sharing the stage with our students and hope that this experience will inspire them to reach the heights of their talents. I know they gave us all great satisfaction by sharing their gifts with BTD.

Special Thanks to Ann, Jill, and Doug in Sheboygan, and David at Alverno for making this residency an amazing experience.

I Love This Country...US and A!!!

- Clay Ross

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