Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Antropo-fagia Plays JVC Jazz Festival in NYC

The Anthropo-fagic Manifest

Anthropo-fagia united us socially economically and philosophically.

I'm just interested in what is not mine

Law of the Man - This is the law of the Anthropofago

In the country of the 'Cobra Grande'

- Oswald de Andrade

Antropo-fagia performed Thursday, June 22nd as part of the New York City JVC Jazz Festival. The band performed two sold out shows at The Jazz Standard. The performance was anything but standard - Special guests appeared with the group throughout the night. Chikako Iwahori (Beat the Donkey) and Max Pollak (Beat the Donkey, Rumba Tap) added their dancing and rhythms to the second set. Perhaps the most rewarding collaboration came in the form of guitarist Romero Lubambo. He sat in during both sets and lent his unique and wonderful sound to multiple numbers.

As this project navigates through its infancy - it just keeps picking up steam with each and every performance under its belt!

Thank you to everyone who came out to this show to support Antropo-fagia!!

Stay tuned for updates and check out Antropo-fagia page!!


Brian Marsella eating Shanir Blumenkranz's brain - a true Antropo-fagia!

Chikako and Max joining in the Anthropo-groove-ia

Antropo-FANS-ia - Luisa Lubambo and Isabela Da Fonseca

Special Guests (left to right): Romero Lubambo & The Devil

Antropo-fagia in rehearsal (left to right): Brian Marsella, Cyro, Shanir Blumenkranz, Tim Keiper, Romero Lubambo

Friday, June 16, 2006


Since I started playing with Herbie, I have never seen him work as hard as he did for this concert. Herbie was a true warrior and was very courageous to put together this stellar group of musicians from scratch. Many of us had never played together and some of the songs - especially the ones from the Possibilities CD - were played for the first time ever.

After 11 and a half hours of rehearsals in one day, and a 4-hour sound check we jumped on stage and the concert came out like a beautiful story.
I was so thrilled to play with Marcus Miller especially on Tutu, one of my favorite songs ever, and besides being one the best bass players, he is an amazing human being and a an incredible bass clarinetist!!!

Sheila Escovedo, Terry Lyne, Greg Phillinganes, Terence Blanchard, Larry Carlton, Sonya Kitchell and the fantastic Keb Mo, Uau… A Vida e Bela

Photo (from left to right)
Keb Mo, Terence Blanchard, Sonya Kitchell, Greg Phillinganes, Herbie Hancock, Larry Carlton, Sheila E., Marcus Miller, Terri Lyne Carrington, and Cyro

Wednesday, June 14, 2006


"ALL ABOUT JAZZ" magazine has recently reviewed Beat The Donkey's latest album - "LOVE THE DONKEY".

Reviewer Sean Patrick Fitzell says, "A panoply of percussion erupts from "Love the Donkey" as Cyro Baptista and his merry troupe of percussionists and special guests unleash fourteen tracks of manic energy and irrepressible fun. It serves as an effective antidote to overly cerebral and self-consciously serious music."

When describing the new album, he goes on to say, "...The resulting concoction transcends static notions of rock, Brazilian, jazz, and pop forms and sounds - not for tongue-in-cheek irony, but as a personal reflection and compelling 'world music' in the best sense."

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