Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Keith Widyolar photographs BTD's performance at Coda in New York City

Check out Keith's amazing photos at his ModaFoto web site.

ModaFoto covers some of the hottest Art, Fashion and Entertainment in New York City and around the world. We don't cover everything and you probably won't see what happened last night in ModaFoto, but we do get up close and personal with some of the amazing people creating art, fashion, and entertainment in our world today.

Editor in Chief Keith Widyolar is a writer and photographer whose work has appeared in many international media including Harper's Bazaar (America), Elle (America), Jalouse (France), Visionaire (New York), Fashionoffice (Austria), and Glamurama (Brazil). Keith is the house photographer for Geová, a Brazilian fashion designer based in New York and works with Voice of the Streets Brazil, a project to utilize performing arts to provide hope and empowerment to the youth of Brazil.