Saturday, December 17, 2005

Blue Note Re-releases Supergenerous!

Kevin Breit and Cyro Baptista were responsible for a lot of the sound and feel of Cassandra Wilson's breakthrough recordings for Blue Note, Blue Light 'Til Dawn and New Moon Daughter. Blue Note signed them to record a CD where they would improvise and find their mutual language. The result is a meeting of two like-minded souls, from two opposite hemispheres, who reinvent North America's country, jazz, folk and funk in their own wild and adventurous image.

Their roots are in Cyro's Sao Paulo, Brazil and Kevin's small town Canada, but their style is too global to be local and too intimate to be strictly urban. This music isn't world, pop, or rock, or folk, or jazz. It's just music: fun, creative and absolutely fascinating!

Kevin Breit (pronounced: Bright) is last year's winner of the "Toronto Musician Of The Year" award. Kevin's tremendous ability on all things stringed, combined with his knowledge of harmony, give him a unique compositional voice. Kevin was one of Norah Jones' "Handsome Band" member and his song "Humble Me" is featured on her newest album "Feels Like Home". Among the varied artists that seek his innovative guitar style are Bill Frisell, k.d. lang and Holly Cole. With the Sisters Euclid, one of his projects, he has recorded six CDs, and maintains a weekly residency at the Orbit Room, one of Toronto Canada's most prestigious jazz clubs. Kevin plays acoustic guitar, tenor guitars, electric slide guitar, hashville steel guitar, guitorgan, mandolin, mandolo, mandicello.

Cyro and Kevin worked from the concept that they would make music for a film that didn't exist. Not that it would be a soundtrack, but the music would dictate a scene. The listener creates their own individual movie while listening to the music.

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