Wednesday, November 30, 2005

News From The Road

Music, Wine, Alaska and MMW: We got started in San Francisco, I was very happy to be reunited with Paula Robison and Romero Lubambo, the concert was for a sold out crowd at the Herbst Theatre and we played the repertoire from the 2 cds we had done before, BRASILEIRINHO and RIO DAYS , RIO NIGHTS. After that, we headed to Alaska and lived a very peculiar adventure, given concerts at Kodiak (three thousand bears) and Fairbanks, and we froze our asses up to the Arctic Circle.

Back to California, more concerts in Santa Rosa and is curious how Romero looks like wine, more old, better he gets. Sometimes it gets scary, he is playing better than ever. Paula also played her flute just like the best wines of the Napa Valley.

I came back home and went straight to the MMW Halloween stravaganza I was really tired but the energy at the Harmstein was up there and I had no choice. Medesky had an amazing costume with many arms and two faces. When we got to the middle of the performance we had dancers began flying over our heads. It was amazing! At the end Kenny Wollesen came with his
incredible parade from the other planet band and took over the all situation

I Left My berimbau in San Francisco...: After staying 2 days and do reharsals with BTD and Maracatu I went to back to San Francisco to participate on the event "3 drops of blood" where I performed a solo and gave a workshop. It is getting harder and harder to travel with my percussion instruments. They weigh, they measure and make my life a living hell. I payed $80, just for checking a piece of wood from my berimbau. I think just big productions will be able to afford the transportation of my percussion and I can't forsee a solution any time

Finally, 4 days of recording: We went back to Bear Tracks and laydown a mean track with 10 maracatu players under the supervison of Scott Kettner. We use a rabeca, pifaros, melodica and a heavy artilliary of alfaias. Next day we started with a duo of Romero and I and end with full BTD recording a new song called Paramaribo. Third day was the first 5 recording with Antropo-fagia.

After all that, my last recording of Piper Opssum was grueling but came out great. I ran to the airport with Eleonora and came to Brasil where I am right now.


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